Sunday, August 30, 2009

Road Pig

He's close now. Need to add the tattoo to his left arm and waiting on the vintage accessories and he's all done. Paints I used were Testors flat black, Testors flat chrome, Testors leather, Tamiya flat white, Tamayia flat red, Citadel Tarrin (sp) flesh lightened with some white for the skin tone with a slightly darker wash after. All told I've spent about 8-10 hrs and apint of blood on this one. Remember folks those little hobby knives are sharp as hell!
Here Roadpig is standing next to another WIP Charbroil, think it shows a good comparison as to the size of Roadpig. If/when Hasbro gives us a new version of Roadpig, I don't think they'll make him larger than the other characters to date, which is why I chose the parts I did.
Heres a close up of Roadpigs crotch, wow this just seems wrong! just wanted to show the metal spikes, which i cut of from a Wolverine figure... The one were hese bound in chains and has that cool little helmet!
Here you can better see the parts used.
Zartan .... lower legs
Destro IG........ feet
Sabertooth..... upper legs, waist and arms
Trigatecreations.... torso
Reactive armor Heavy Duty...... hands
VvsV Venomous Maximus ......head
Copperhead ..... belt
Night Creeper....... arrows cut and re-glued for the bolts with a piece of someone's webgear used for the leg strap.

the hair and eyebrows were sculpted using Aves apoxie sculpt... I find it perfect to use when sculpted details that require fine lines like hair.
The arm bands and crotch piece were sculpted using "greenstuff"

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