Sunday, August 19, 2012

 Haven't been spending as much time at the bench lately, instead I've been focusing on perfecting my molding and casting. Been putting off learning this process for a long time, but I have a bunch of army building projects coming up as well as the fact that I'm tired of trying to trade for that one specific part or going to Ebay and buying a whole figure just for one part. It seems I tend to use several parts more than others, so that will be an added benefit.
     Also I have been asked in the past if I could get some of the parts I've modded casted for resale, so going forward I will be casting and selling some of those parts as well as some original sculpts commissioned from a fantastic sculptor Krexx Radex. They will be very limited quantities as I don't want to be casting 24/7 or care to become any type of online store.  Special thanks to my good buddy Richard of Rat Fink Customs for showing me some tips and helping me getting my feet wet , wouldn't be as far ahead without them.

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