Saturday, September 8, 2012

Update!!!!!!!!!! the cats out of the bag

Well its time to update all on a project that I have been working on with my good friend CloudStrife and the amazing talented Krexx. Hopefully should tie some of us over for the next few months with the lack of Joe product on the shelves between now and March!
        For the past few months we have been commissioning Krexx to sculpt some pieces that we wanted to make customs out of and boy he hasn't dissapointed!  Anyone see that insanely awesome Serpentor??  As it happens sculptors need to get paid, silly buggers! So we will be doing LIMITED cast runs that we will make available for sale very soon.  Why limited? a) we never intended to cast more than what our own needs required and neither of us are or want to become a casting store. These were done because we love to make customs and thats what we want to do. B.) Once  the molds are no longer useable (30-50 casts) we won't be producing anymore, thats it. So they will be somewhat exclusive and rare.  C. as I said neither one of us have any interest in casting as a profession, the only reason we are making these available is so that we can continue to pay the ultra talented Krexx to continue to make us great pieces for our customs and to cover casting costs.  That being said we haven't nailed down exactly what we figure we should be charging for each piece just yet. The cast will be made available as we complete and post our customs so look for the 1st cast for sale (hydro-viper torso) in a week or two and the others to follow.  Also keep checking ( a real casting store!)  for more of Krexx's great sculpts for sale.
Now for some teaser images of whats to come heres a small sample of the completed sculpts many aren't shown because I frankly can't find the pics. lol

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